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  1. Outsourcing of IT activities has been a key point of discussion amongst industry analysts. Some are for it and some are against Mexico Phone Number List it. Despite opinions, there are many Fortune 500 organizations which have chosen IT outsourcing for some or all of their IT functions. Mexico Phone Number List According to the IT outsourcing statistics 2010/2011 compiled by Computer Economics, the top eleven IT Mexico Phone Number List activities which are outsourced by organizations are Help Desk Activities in which companies outsource the job of providing the first level Mexico Phone Number List response to the customer queries either by phone or email. Most of the times, consumers require Mexico Phone Number List some simple help to solve their problem. So while the simple response is outsourced, Mexico Phone Number List the company executives can handle the second level response or complex issues. Database administration in which companies outsource Mexico Phone Number List the job of database tuning and performance monitoring. Desktop support where companies outsource the work Mexico Phone Number List of installation and Mexico Phone Number List maintenance of desktops or laptops, which can be done with a combination of on-site and remote resources. This is a low level, routine task which is outsourced by many companies.
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